Made possible with the support of DePauw University.

SPECIAL THANKS: Chef Matt O’Neill, Dr. David Field and family, Matt Parker, Jenny Parker, Emily Parker, Matthew Parker Jr., and Joshua Parker, Nancy and Peter Chiarella, The Tibetan Mongolian Cultural Buddhist Center, Patricia Ellis, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Reverend Dr. John Rumple, Greencastle Follett Starbucks, Amy White, Dr. Susan Hahn, Taylor Made Awards, Chef Louis Hayes, Pete and Bobbi Kelley, Greg Schwipps, Dr. Harry Brown, Eugene Whitlock, Indiana Nature Conservancy, Marion Field, Michele Mattoon, Amy Hayes, Dr. Kerry Pannel, Dr. Terri Bonebright, Terry Bruner, Cathie Malach, Fiona Clark White, Gwendolyn Clark White, Griffin Kater, August Chiarella, Walter Chiarella, Dale and Ella Dye, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, H.H. The Dalai Lama, and … 


Nawang Khechog, who was the inspiration for this film.
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