Theresa Carper

232323232%7Ffp63574%3Enu%3D3274%3E758%3E%3A47%3EWSNRCG%3D374765736%3A32%3Anu0mrj Theresa Carper has been a self-taught Photoshop fanatic since the young age of thirteen. She was the graphic designer of her high school newspaper for two years, where she produced every visual appearing on its pages. She designed the promotional graphics for DePauw’s first annual Independent Film Appreciation Week. This recent venture into film work is largely thanks to Olivia Carmel.

Theresa is an incoming sophomore at DePauw University, probably studying English Writing. She is a Media Fellow, Information Technology Associates Program intern, and a Global Partner. She is currently working as a marketing intern at Methodist Health Foundation.

Theresa creates all graphics and artwork for Mud Lotus. 

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